5 Marvel Friendships That Give Us BFF Goals

Relations are a part in the comics which make the comics more believable and help connect with people. There are a lot of BFF relationships in the comics which are just great. What’s even better is that not all BFF relationships are between heroes, but between heroes and villains alike, here are some best Marvel friendships:

Charles Xavier and Magneto

Xavier and Magneto when first met, the two intellectuals bonded over literature, human rights and their philosophical beliefs. Not just this even when they became enemies due to different ideologies they didn’t hate each other. Even when Xavier is dying, he’ in Magneto’s arms entrusting him to lead his team.

Spider-Man and Deadpool

of course, they had to be great friends, both have their fair share of insults and sarcastic remarks. Not just that, both are great in cracking humor even at the times of great difficulties. Both are the best of buddies and give readers a great laugh.

Groot and Rocket

This team has pretty much been together throughout their history and is the best amongst Marvel friendships. Not only is this team lived, but also has an amazing chemistry, considering one of them can only speak one sentence. Though their relationship changes a lot due to Groot’s habit of dying and becoming tiny.

James Rhodes and Tony Stark

Rhodey initially was Tony’s pilot and his aviation engineer, he developed a great friendship with Tony, was there when he was battling his drinking problem. They are a great duo, so much so that Tony built ‘War Machine’ an armor especially for Rhodey.

Bucky Barnes

Marvel Friendships

Originally Captain America’s friend and Sidekick, Bucky Barnes after being thought to have died during combat reappears as the Winter Soldier. This Winter Soldier was once Cap’s sidekick and his best friend during the time of World War 2. He not only was cap’s sidekick but was also his moral support and someone who at times even inspired the Cap. Bucky later returns to normal, and Cap actually has someone from his time to be with him.

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