5 DC Supervillains Who Behaved Like Good Guys

No one expects the most famous villains of the DC Universe to be one of the good guys. Not did these guys just save the day but they also, well most of them became the part of some  group such as the Justice League of America:

Lex Luthor

As weird as it may seem, he and Superman have actually teamed up. In a recent storyline, Luthor takes a shot at redemption, where he with his new best friend Superman is fighting crime. Luthor even requests Sups to let him wear an ‘S’ Shield so that he can be DC’s newest superhero, later though, it is revealed that this all along was a scheme by him so that he could trap Superman in an extra-dimensional prison.

Black Adam

Black Adam joined the Justice Society of America. And this happened even after him being a rival of Captain Marvel, the JSA Captain. He did so, in order to have an attempt at redemption which even the team accepted willingly.


Well, Catwoman always defends the poor but here she actually did some superhero work, he prejudices aside. She became the defender of the East End and sacrificed a lot to be what the city needed. Not just that, the anti-hero was an also a part of the Justice Society of America.

Mongul 2

No One can even expect the son of the infamous Mongol to be a good guy. Even so, this one is purely based on a Rocky storyline, Mongul 2 sees that Imperiex is going to attack, to check whether Supes is up to the mark, he fights him and trains him, playing Creed here. He then is killed by Imperiex, enraging Superman to beat the seemingly unbeatable villain.

Captain Cold


Who would have ever thought that even one of the Rogues could turn into a superhero? He got his spot at the Justice League of America as in the storyline, ‘The Blackest Night’ he fights off the Black Lanterns and saves Flash’s life, also he fought the Crime Syndicate when the infamous group was trying to take over the Earth.

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