5 Weird Advertisements Which Have Ridiculous Meanings

Besides TV shows and movies, we always have a couple of advertisements that we love to see over and over again. Sometimes we are so fascinated by them that we remember their sound and visuals. Not only small brands, even the biggest brands in the world are not perfect with advertising. Talking about the promotion of any brand, it is important to have a strong USP(Unique Selling Point). Things can be weird and so the adverts. Today we bring your five bizarre advertisements in the world.

1. Ford Pinto

Ford has always ruled the automobile market in the world and so they do today. The brand made the dream of owning a car come true. Being one of the best brands in the world, it made some serious name mistakes and one of them is Pinto. Ford’s Pinto was a success in the United States, but in Brazil, the product didn’t sell well, due to the meaning of the name ‘Pinto’. It meant “small male genitals”.

2. Got Milk?

“Got Milk?” was one of the most viral dairy campaigns by American Dairy Association, and it was so successful that it reached in other countries around the world. But these viral words turned into something really different. In Spanish, the words mean “Are You Lactating”. 

3. Coors

Coors is one of the most popular beer-tycoons in the United States. The slogan of the brand, “Turn It Loose” had a ridiculous meaning in the Spanish language. It meant “Suffer from diarrhea”. The brand was not about “this” by the way.

4. Coco-Cola

Coco-Cola is one of the popular drinks in the world. Things were not that weird until the brand reached China. The brand was spelled as “he-you-de-la”, which had a different meaning in different dialects. In some of them it meant, “bite the wax tadpole” and “female horse stuffed with wax”. What were the brand trying to do here?

5. KFC


KFC opened their first outlet in China in 1987. Again the slogan, “Finger lickin’ good”, meant way different from what brand wanted to communicate. In Chinese, it meant “We’ll Eat Your Fingers Off”. That is scary.

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