5 Times The X-Men Got Their Asses Kicked Really Hard

The X-Men aren’t the strongest of the Marvel universe. To get an idea, the strongest in their team is Beast, who Hulk can obliterate effortlessly. The team has been beaten several times. here are their worst defeats listed:

Dark Phoenix Saga


In this arc, the dark phoenix takes over the body of X-Men’s own super powerful member, Jean Grey. And what comes after that is absolute carnage for the team. The team was almost obliterated and proved to be no match for the Phoenix force. Even Cyclops got affected by it and killed Professor Xavier, and in the end, Wolverine had to repeatedly kill Jean.


Magneto is probably that character who has defeated the X-Men, the most number of times. The guy is the team’s longest running foe and knows how to kick some serious butt. But this time, the X-Men had Phoenix to their side. Still, Magneto easily puts the team away and captured all the X-Men, not just this, the guy also tortured them by having a robotic ‘nanny’  which he did to infantilize the team.

Hellfire Club


Hellfire Club is one of the best X-Men villainous group. The group beat the X-Men even in their first encounter. While the good mutants were out looking out to recruit new members, Kitty Pryde and Dazzler, the team divided in two. The first team was kidnapped by the Hellfire club and when the second team went to save them, they were also defeated. Only Wolverine remained unharmed, who saves the team in the next issue.


After Hulk was banished from the Earth, he was in well, the Hulk rage and wanted to seek revenge against Charles Xavier, who was the main cause of his banishment. So in World War: Hulk he turns and how…though there is no shame in losing to a guy like Hulk, but how the X team lost to the big green dude is nothing but shameful. Hulk easily beat Cyclops, cut off Colossus’ arms, even gave a concussion to Wolverine, but in the end left without harming Xavier.

Freedom Force Owning the X-Men

The Freedom Force defeated the X team in Uncanny X-Men #206. But what’s really shocking is that they were single-handedly defeated by Spiral. Rogue’s powers did no harm to Spiral and he alone defeated them.

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