5 Time-Travelling Heroes that Have Changed the Marvel and DC World

Time travel is a storyline that is always a testy subject, especially in the world of comics. It is a storyline, however, that is commonly used to change the course of certain character’s arcs and destinies. Here are the top five time-travelling heroes who have changed Marvel and DC because of it:


Time-Travelling Heroes from Marvel and DC
Time-Travelling Heroes from Marvel and DC

Cable is the time-travelling mutant from the X-Men world. The scion of Jean Grey and Cyclops has been an important character who has played a great role in the formation of mutant teams such as the X-Force and Also being a militant leader for the X-Men team as well. His story is as wild and complicated as it can get but lets not talk about his clone nemesis or the fact that he has changed what happens in the future with actions he changed in the past. A long running theme on this list.

The Flash:

The Flash completely changed the world of DC after meddling in the past in Flashpoint and New 52. The fastest man in DC had been able to clean up a few messes before the episodes in the issues that were mentioned, but the Cosmic Treadmill did a lot of damage which is still felt in the DC Universe.

Guardians Of The Galaxy:

Time-Travelling Heroes from Marvel and DC

The original Guardians Of The Galaxy line up traveled all the way from the 31st Century to recruit heroes from the present to join their cause. Along the way, they had to keep to themselves huge secrets such as one of their members was an alternate version of  Vance Astrovik, the future New Warrior known as Justice.

Green Lantern:

Green Lantern’s foray into time-travel is quite a creepy one. In the future year of 5700, the Earth’s government kidnaps the present time Green Lantern and wipes out his memory, implementing a false memory that turn’s him into the future’s greatest hero  Pol Manning.

Iron Lad:

time-travelling heroes
Time-Travelling Heroes from Marvel and DC

One of the Avenger’s greatest foes Kang The Conquerer had actually gotten his start as Iron Lad, the leader of the Young Avengers. His venture into time-travel was actually the reason why he evolved into a villain rather than remaining a hero.Though a short-lived career, he had to be mentioned on the list.

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