3 Famous Women Who Loved Deadpool

Deadpool is one of the talkative and humorous characters in the comic book world. Besides his guns and swords, one weapon that he has grown up with and which can never be defeated is his ‘mouth’. For most of us, he talks nonsense and gets us to commit suicide. Isn’t it a strong weapon? That’s why he is called Merc With The Mouth. Well, you might not know that he is not that stupid as he seems. He was the love interest of several ladies in his life. let’s count down three out of them.

 1) Copycat


Before Wade Wilson donned the persona of Deadpool, Copycat lived with him for years. But as he got in contact with a rare case of cancer he moved on to Weapon X and neglected her. After he was treated as a human weapon by the organization, he was acting like garbage and that’s why thing became complicated. Copycat had an integrated power of both Mystique’s shapeshifting and Rogue’s copying ability. When she was wounded mortally, He hugged her so that she could copy his powers. At one time she was pissed off and jealous as several women were interested in him.

2) Mercedes Wilson


Deadpool and Mercedes Wilson were happy until T-Ray showed up to their home. T-Ray is one of the archenemies of Deadpool, who claimed that he was the original Wade Wilson and Deadpool stole his identity and Mercedes was his wife. WTF! Deadpool and Mercedes tried to take on T-ray but he killed Mercedes. T-ray tried to break Deadpool down.

3) Anastasia

dploutlaw deadpool

Once, some police officers hired Deadpool to eliminate some of the mobsters. At that time, he needed money which he got for killing some bad people. Not a bad deal for him, especially to wipe the dust like this. And that’s when he met a tattoo artist called Anastasia. In seconds, he was actually drooling over her because of the fascination towards her dark sense of humor. Moreover, they used to meet each other and often talk for hours.

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