The Batman Secret In Wonder Woman You Need To Know

Wonder Woman has proven itself to be a cut above the rest from the DC Extended fold. Her solo movie which was released to a positive reception concentrates mainly on the origins of the superhero, who is the oldest character that DC has received so far. The debut film showcased how Diana was already fighting in World War I while Bruce Wayne was not even born yet. And while Bruce Wayne finds a way to have his presence be known even in Princess Diana’s film, there is still another Batman Easter egg that you may have missed.

Batman’s world has often been portrayed as a metropolis city with the hugest population of super villains. One of which is Bane, the super-intelligent, super-villain who has held the title of being Batman’s back-breaker. Bane’s origin, of course, is a tragic one. Bane’s father Edmund aka Black Lantern and King Snake was a revolutionary in Santa Prisca. He managed to escape imprisonment but his unborn son had to pay for his sins. He grew up Pena Duro “Hard Rock” prison hating the government and the judicial system. Because he grew up without a father figure, he looked up to men he found a strong parental connection to.Bane was injected with Venom, a super soldier drug that turned him into a huge monstrous beast of a man.

How is that relevant to Wonder Woman? Wonder Woman villain Doctor Poison’s (Elena Anaya) special strength-enhancing gas becomes a huge commodity in the film and is used by the antagonists to create massive trouble. While Doctor Poison’s gas may not be Venom itself, it may be the first form of Venom that exists. General Ludendorff’s sheer strength and durability, to his aggressive and rabid behaviour while using the gas, has any fans speculate that the gas is an early form of Venom.Poison is also shown mercy by Diana, who does not kill her and may give audiences pieces to connect the amazing dots.

Amy Fanai

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