4 Marvel Superheroes Who Are Unable To Control Their Powers

Super powers are cool, yeah sure. But what when you are not in control of your powers? Destruction, carnage mayhem, these all are certainly lined up for you as well the ones around you. Here is a list of some superheroes, who are never in control of their powers:


Anna Marie, raised in Mississippi, grew up in a hippie culture. One day, her love interest kisses her, she likes it but for the guy, well, it was the kiss of death, if not death then coma for sure. The guy gets into a lifetime coma and Rogue remains scarred, after this, she never comes into direct physical contact with anyone, this became a huge problem when she got busy with Gambit.



The eventual leader of the X-Men can’t control his powers. Though this is not a schocker to anyone, as the guy can always be seen wearing Red goggles, in order to see to it that he doesn’t blast away his friends while just chatting with them. The optic blasts from his eyes are perpetually emitting which can only be put to control with Ruby lenses.

Franklin Richards

Frank is the son of Dr. Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) and Susan Storm. Even at a young age, Frank had the power to warp realities, but again he was inexperienced. This leads to some serious problems many a time, so much so that Reed started fearing that his son could be the cause of the Earth’s destruction one day.



Duh! This guy had to be on top of the list, he is the actual definition of what a superhero can do if not in control of his powers. Banner, when not in control of his emotions transforms into the Hulk after which, after which it does not even matter if you are a friend or a foe, if you are there in front of him, while he is angry, you probably are gonna be the victim of the Hulk Smash!! Someone, please get this dude a massage.

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