5 Superheroes Who Beat The Shit Out Of Daredevil

Daredevil is hugely respected throughout the Marvel universe for his over the edge fighting style and stamina, but even such a great fighter has been defeated numerous times by even his own allies. Here is a list of some such few allies:


In Marvel’s ‘What If’ Hydra takes control of people’s favourite mutant, Wolverine and well, the guy goes bonkers. Ranging from the Fantastic 4 to the web crawler, Spider-Man he kills everyone. People start fearing the mutants and it is on Daredevil to take on Wolvie, who in the duel brutally beats Daredevil, in the end killing him.


Hawkeye, changing sides for Black Widow is not a new thing, the archer does this once again and is confronted by Daredevil. It is funny to know that the ‘blinds’ Matt Murdock with a phosphorus arrow, which changes the outcome of the pretty evenly matched fight. To give some credit to DD, the guy breaks Hawkeye’s bow.


In order to draw out Mr. Hype, Daredevil dresses up as Thor, all’s good until the real Thor shows up, who then blows away the costume with a mini tornado and asks DD about his intentions, who refuses to answer him. Thor, well even after holding back beats Daredevil really bad, of course, he did. He is Thor for Odin’s sake.



Spidey and DD are known to be really good friends and allies, but it is when the web-crawler mistakes DD to be a partner in crime of the Masked Marauder, that the two get into about. Both hit it up on a rooftop, going back and forth until Spidey knocks the wind out of Daredevil with a mighty punch.


When we are talking about dysfunctional relationships it will never be that we don’t talk about DD and Elektra while working for Kingpin, she has an assignment to kill a journalist, Ben, who DD is protecting. She finds them out in a hotel, beats the shit out of Daredevil and stabs the journalist.

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