4 Reasons Why Superman Is The Biggest Jerk One Can Be

Superman is the biggest dick there can be. the guy is mighty strong, but boring can fire laser beams but is always succumbing to mind control. The debate over his pros and cons is endless, or is it? Here are some of his deeds that will completely change your opinion about the ‘Boy Scout’:

Ill Treats Jimmy Oleson


Yeah sure, Oleson is Superman’s best buddy, but why? that is the question. Supes has ill-treated his so-called best friend so many times that we’re sure even he doesn’t remember. He has flown over Metropolis, Oleson with him in a dog’s leash, he had him marry an ape and also adopted him and burnt his father’s presents in front of him.

Beats His Friends

Friends fight, certainly, they do. But not like Superman, the Man of Steel can be seen beating his friends a lot, it may be beating Batman a huge number of times, smashing Aquaman to walls or killing Wonder Woman with her own Lasso. How many times will you go all mind-controlled Clark?

Reveals Identities

Superman can be a great pain in the ass sometimes. There are surely a whole lot of reasons why he’s just a strongman with no brains at all. In a sheer dick move, he TWEETED that Batman is Bruce Wayne, I mean that is the one rule that superheroes have. ‘Not revealing their identities to the public’. In an even more stupid role, he calls Batman ‘Bruce’ in front of THE JOKER. That’s his arch-nemesis, you buffoon.

Torments Lois Lane

Well, if you think the Joker torturing Harley is bad, welcome to the world of this Superdick. Superman can be such a jerk when it comes to Lois. The guy has gone on dates in front of an aged Lois, forced her to marry another man, oh and the best have tried to kill her a number of times. not the Injustice arc, but otherwise too, he has cut her oxygen supply when once she was in space, sent her to the death house for a crime she didn’t commit and once even watched at Wonder Woman beat the shit out of Lois and laughed. Way to go Superdick!!

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