5 Comic-Book Characters Who Are Experts In Mystic Arts

Magic is something which can be used for various purposes, be it amusement or evading problems, here are some mystic arts users from the Marvel and DC universe that can perform magic at lengths that people can’t even think about:


Mystic Arts

This magician got her tricks from her father, Zatara, which she used to find him after his disappearance. She speaks her spells backward and can also perform magic just by writing them. Be it performing simple card tricks or manipulating time and space, this girl can do it all. Probably making her among the top magicians of the DC universe.

Scarlett Witch

elizabeth olsen

The daughter of Magneto, Wanda Maximoff has treated differently her entire childhood because of her out of the world powers, she found a home when she met with the X-Men. She has manipulated probabilities, use force fields and not only that, she can warp people’s realities.


Mystic Arts

The infamous brother of Thor and a step-son of Odin, Loki is one of the few people blessed with almost all forms of Magic. He is an extremely cunning guy, who has the power to change appearances, can shapeshift into anyone, using which he’s manipulated even the fiercest of the warriors. If that’s not much, he has even cheated Death.


Being the daughter of an inter-dimensional Demon sure has its perks. Raven, the daughter of Trigon is an immensely powerful user of magic, her skills also include healing, shadow manipulation, foresight and transforming herself into a demon. Sometimes her powers take over her good side too, and she becomes a big problem for he team.

Dr. Strange

mystic arts users
Mystic Arts

After meeting with a deadly accident, the post which Dr. Steven Strange is unable to use his hands, he goes to Nepal and trains under Monks, where he gets these mystical powers. He is the biggest user of magic and the most powerful sorcerer in the universe, who has altered time and even cheated death.

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