5 Superheroes Who Are Fighting Their Inner Demons

The comic book world offers a huge amount of physical and collateral damage in stories and it seems like it will never end. With great power comes a great responsibility and sometimes things get super exhausting. Going through pain, loneliness, betrayal, and death, sometimes superheroes and their lives become a misery. We are often fascinated by their adventuring life but sometimes it gets worse. So here we bring you five most abused superheroes.


Batman’s life changed after Joe Chill murdered his parents in front of his eyes when he was very young. Besides being one of the richest people on earth and an intelligent businessman, Batman suffers from mental imbalances and always try to find good in the people.

The Hulk

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Hulk is one of the strongest Marvel characters who becomes a rampaging monster when influenced by stress and anger. One of the nastiest curses that he ever got is his conflict with his alter ego. Normally dubbed as Brice Banner, over the years, Hulk has gone through imprisonment, vilification, and torture. He was kind of forced to see his life crumbling.


Peter Parker has always been a technological genius since his childhood, but after the death of his Uncle Ben, he decided to hone his Spider-Man skills and fight his rogues. He has not only put himself in the danger but also his loved ones and family members. And he has to pay the price of all happening around him.


The unstoppable killing machine, Wolverine has a long history of fighting with his rogues and maintain his life. His appearance in the Weapon X program is a perfect example of inhuman torture, where he loses his loved one and goes through emotional and physical struggle throughout the story. So he generally suffers from hyper-aggressive urges.



Cyclops first appeared in The X-Men #1 in 1963 and became a leader at very early age. He has watched his love interests die several times, especially Jean Grey.

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