5 Insane Lies You Were Told About Joker

Joker surely is the yin to Batman’s yang, there is no better superhero and villain duo than these two. No one can live without the other, but here are some lies that we all were made to believe about the clown prince of Gotham:

Joker Is Crazy

Joker is not at all insane, rather it is that everyday he wakes up he has a new personality, making him deadly. One day, he is a mob leader, the next day he is a crime lord and on some days he just wants to wreck chaos. Joker actually is a super sane character, who could possibly be suffering from Tourette’s syndrome.

He Is An Original Character

Batman is a character heavily taken from the comics, ‘The Shadow’ Even the name, ‘The Dark Knight’ came from the ‘Knight of Darkness’ mentioned in ‘Shadow’, so is the Joker. He comes from two main sources, first being a random ‘Shadow’ villain, with whom his identity matched a lot, while his appearance to that of Conrad Veidt in a silent film, who then the creators gave green hair.

He Killed Jason Todd With A Crowbar

Out of everything that the Joker has done, killing Jason Todd was arguably the worst thing that he did. He traps the second Robin’s long lost mother and when he comes to save her, beats him to a pulp, with a crowbar. But that’s not how he kills him, he actually leaves him there with a time bomb, and blows him up just before Batman can get there.

He Was Meant To Be Batman’s Arch-Enemy

batman 1989

When a super villain character appears in a comic’s first ever issue, it is meant that it will be the hero’s nemesis. But contradictory to that, Joker was meant to be killed off in the first ever Batman comic itself. It was actually the editor of the comics back then, who saw the potential in the character and it’s been about 80 years and the Joker’s still kicking.

He Dies At The End of ‘The Killing Joke’


As much as one might have wanted to see the Batman kill Joker in the end of ‘The Killing Joke’ that did not happen. The story actually says, Batman is actually clinging to him and both are laughing, contrary to the theory that the stipping laughter meant Batman snapping his neck.

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