The Flash: Is Black Flash Really Dead?

We all saw the finale of Season 3 of The Flash and saw how Barry was imprisoned in the Speed Force. However, if you watch Legends of Tomorrow, we saw one character that stood out. It is none other than Black Flash. Now we saw Black Flash being killed off by Legion of Doom led by Reverse Flash. But, is he really dead? Will he come back in The Flash Season 4? Let us analyze the facts from both the TV verse and the comics.

Who is Black Flash?

black flash the flash season 4Now he fulfills the same role as that of Death for individuals who possess super speed, thereby returning them to their original source, SPEED FORCE. This character is often seen before the death of various speedsters in the comics. The true notion of the existence of Black Flash is that he steps in place of Death, as speedsters as too fast and can cheat death. Therefore to keep a balance, Black Flash exists in the Speed Force.

Appearance in the Flash TV Show:

Now we saw the first appearance of Black Flash when Zoom was taken by time wraiths and made into this character. Next, we saw him chasing Eobard Thawne in Legends throughout various times. He was killed off, but since Black Flash is an agent of Speed Force, there will always exist another one. It is just a coping mechanism to keep the balance of power. In The Flash Rebirth, Barry Allen became the new Black Flash after the previous one was found dead.

Thus we can be assured of one thing that the role of this dark speedster is far from over. Also, one thing isn’t clear, is he a hero, a villain or he is simply just what is necessary to keep the speedsters in check who would otherwise cheat Death and become Gods.

If he comes in The Flash season 4, it would be something awesome. Do let us know your thoughts below in the comments!

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