Here’s How Your Favorite Superheroes Got Their Insane Powers

Ever wondered how our favorite superheroes we adore came into being. Well, here’s a list of the top five origin stories of your favorite superheroes from Marvel Comics.

The Punisher

Frank Castle was a U.S. Marine, who always got the job done and loved weapons. He once on leave in New York, took his wife and children to Central Park, where the castles found themselves amidst a mob hit. Castle’s entire family dies, leaving him as the sole survivor. Seeking justice, which the police couldn’t give to him he puts on the costume, grabs weapons and takes vigilante justice to a whole new level.

The Wolverine

When his adopted father is killed by his biological father, Jimmy’s anger brings forth his mutant abilities, which are bone claws and his ability to heal from almost anything. The healing power kept the Wolverine young throughout the decades. Eventually, he became a part of a secret government program that put adamantium in his skeleton, making him the indestructible Wolverine that we know.


Matt Murdock’s father, who was a boxer at Hell’s Kitchen wanted him to get a good education, and so got into working for Wilson Fisk. An accident of whose smuggled chemicals rendered Matt blind but also heightened rest all his senses. After his father is killed by the mob for not losing a fight when he’s asked to, Matt puts on the costume and becomes Daredevil, the man without fear.

Iron Man

While demonstrating his micro-transistor technology in Vietnam, Stark met with an accident when in an explosion he was severely injured and a piece of shrapnel was left dangerously close to his heart. There he’s asked by the communist Vietnamese rebels to make weapons against America, fooling them he makes a suit for himself, which he uses to keep the shrapnel at bay and to escape. Later he makes developments to the suit and fights crime by becoming Iron Man.

Captain America


During World War 2, to fight the Nazis on the homefront the Americans devised a super soldier program, for which a 98 pound Man, Steve Rogers was chosen as a test subject. Injected with a serum, Rogers became a muscled agile fighting machine. A Nazi present there not only killed the scientist who created the serum but also destroyed all the samples, leaving Steve to be the only super soldier.

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