4 Times Spider-Man Failed As A Superhero

Our Superheroes sure are super, but sometimes they too can’t be the solution to all the problems. Here are some such cases where the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man wasn’t capable enough to protect people:

Failed To Protect Rhino

Rhino once sought redemption and left the world of crime. When he came out of prison, he fell in love with a woman named Oksana, who later he married. But that time, a new Rhino came in the picture. He wanted to take control of the Rhino mantle and hence tried killing the older one, Spider-Man had taken up the responsibility of protecting Rhino and his wife, though the new Rhino failed to kill him but killed his wife, resulting him coming back into the scene as Rhino.

Failed To Protect Billy Connors

Dr. Curt Connors had been fighting the lizard’s alter-ego since many years, but eventually lost the fight. This was that time when Kraven’s daughter came in his path. He, when was fighting her crossed paths with his kid, Billy Connors, who Kraven’s daughter had put in the way, Spidey realized this too late that the Lizard had taken over Curt, resulting in the Lizard tearing off his own kid, leaving both Curt and Peter himself scarred for years to come.

Failed To Protect Gwen Stacy

No matter how much the story is loved today, at the time when it was first published, Gwen Stacy’s death was the first big superhero love interest to die by the hands of a villain. Osborn kills peter’s girl, Gwen Stacy, or should we call it, he makes Peter kill his girlfriend as it’s actually Spidey’s webbing trying to save Gwen, that leads to snapping her neck.

Uncle Ben’s Death


Oh, of course, this had to be the number one failure of Peter Parker. His biggest and first failure to act was when he didn’t catch the burglar who stole the prize money that wasn’t given to Peter. Peter who had won the wrestling match, but wasn’t given the full prize money thought of squaring the equation with the organizers. The same burglar who he could’ve but didn’t stop goes on to kill Uncle Ben later that night. This was the most devastating moment for Peter yet, shaping him up to become Spider-Man.

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