Every Record That Wonder Woman Has Broken Till Now

Wonder Woman has stormed the box office and how!! Along with an amazing critical response, Wonder Woman has become one of the greatest movies of the year and is to no one’s surprise dominating the social media. The latest flick of the DCEU gave the franchise the push that it needed, exceeding the studio’s expectations and becoming a glimmer of light through the gloom. Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman has been one of the most popular comic book characters since forever, and this film is an event which has been in the making for more than 75 years. Wonder Woman was definitely an anticipated film – especially after Gal Gadot stole the thunder in 2016’s Batman V Superman.

wonder woman records

In the weeks preceding the film’s release, the film generated waves of positive buzz, and that also showed in how much the film was being talked about. One week in the theatres, Wonder Woman is killing it and is the most tweeted film of 2017 thus far.

‘Variety’ recently reported there were more than 2.19 million Wonder Woman tweets in America during the movie’s first full week at the multiplex. This surge has made it the most popular film on social media this year, beating Oscar winner La La Land and $1 billion smash Beauty and the Beast. Wonder Woman, the character herself is the most tweeted-about movie character of the year, with Batman at rank 2, preceded by Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor. Gal Gadot, director Patty Jenkins, and Chris Pine are the three most tweeted names which are related to Wonder Woman.

Not just that Wonder Woman has broken more such records. The film had a 52% female audience. It is surprising to see this as in the superhero genre, usually, there is a 60% male audience. Apart from this, the film has got a 93% rotten tomatoes rating, which almost no other superhero flick has ever got. The film hasn’t even been in the theatres for a month and has already passed the 600$ million mark. The film is soon expected to cross the 665$ million mark of Kung Fu Panda and become the highest grossing film to be directed by a female director.

It is nowhere a shocking development that a superhero film is taking Twitter by thunder, but these figures state that Wonder Woman has somewhat turned into something of a phenomenon. Fans were enthusiastic to see the first female-led adaptation of a comic book of this modern shared universe era, and once it was affirmed that it would be Wonder Woman, which completely lived up to its comic book reputation, the anticipation only grew. Many fans have sent messages about how the character touched them on an emotional level.

Forbes recently asserted that after a solid Wednesday across the world, the latest dCEU film has grossed over $300 million worldwide. Thanks to the growing interest of the fans in the film, it is completely right to think Wonder Woman could outgross Man of Steel worldwide.

With such a phenomenal response from the moviegoers and critics alike, it’s clear that Warner Bros. has a new audience favorite in the form of Diana, and the studio is already looking ahead to the future. Though Jenkins has not yet been confirmed for a sequel to the film, and Gal is going to to be a significant figure moving forward as one of the leads in Justice League.

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