5 Times Joker Brought His Death Upon Himself

Joker, the deadliest villain of Batman has died a number of times, but never by the hands of the Batman, the way the fans have wanted since the very start. Here is a list of events where Joker knocked on death’s door.

The Mask Of Phantasm

Contrary to Joker’s origin story in The Killing Joke, he is shown to be a goon in this storyline, where he kills the father of the love interest and the protagonist of the story. She then donnes the cloak and the mask of Phantasm, Joker expects her to come and sets the place in explosives with a plan to get out of there. She doesn’t let him and they both go down while the Joker is laughing hysterically.

Injustice : Gods Among Us

This death sure is very famous as in this story it is the boy scout, Superman who’s pushed to his limits. After the Joker nukes metropolis killing 5 million people and making Superman kill his own wife and his unborn son, Supes loses it and puts his arm right through the Joker’s chest.

Batman: Arkham City

Here when the story begins he is already dying because of Bane’s venom that he had injected himself with in the last story. He then injects Batman and sends his blood to the entire city’s emergency blood centers, in order for the Batman to get the job done. Bats brings the cure from Ra’s Al Ghul and drinks a bit to save himself, Joker attacks him from behind leaving the rest f the cure to fall, this ultimately results in Joker’s death

The Dark Knight Returns

This graphic novel had a lot of violence, and towards its end fans were about to get what they wanted since the beginning, Batman killing the Joker. Hereafter an ugly fight between the two, the Joker whose neck is already injured badly snaps it when the two are alone, having the final laugh, leaving the whole world to believe that it was the Batman actually who killed him.

Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

He captures Tim Drake and makes him into believing that he is his son, invites him over to show how he actually killed Tim Drake’s identity and make him Joker Junior. He has beaten Batman and can kill him, but in order to have fun, he orders Tim to kill Batman who eventually kills him instead.

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