The Mutant Team X-23 Will Join in The X-Men Franchise

The introduction of X-23 in Logan garnered a lot of attention in the X-Men fandom. Since Wolverine has gone out to greener pastures, the franchise has lost one of its prime stars. And since the comics had portrayed X-23 as the new Wolverine, the speculations of the character taking on the role grew louder. But that is not the only speculation fans have for the character.

x-23 Since Wolverine was a part of the X-Men, many wonder if the same fate is in the works for Laura Kinney. And since Deadpool has reportedly been lining up new members for his X-Force, could Kinney also be in line for the forthcoming team?

As both teams have had X-23 as a member in the comics, it’s not surprising to see such rumors being spread in abundance. Logan producer Hutch Parker, however, may just put a downer to the fan theories. In an interview with IGN, the producer said:

 “Yeah, I mean, look — I don’t know definitively, but in terms of the stuff we’ve been talking about, it’s not sort of slipping her into the background of another movie. It’s looking at that character, which is a great character and has a pretty interesting run within the comics, to find a story that we think she could carry or certainly be kind of majorly significant within. That’s the only kind of thing that Jim as a storyteller, a filmmaker… that’s the way his sort of process works. And the way his mind works in terms of what he would aspire to. Which isn’t to say that the studio couldn’t have a conversation about something else, but the one that we’ve been kind of discussing loosely and kicking around is more likely to be its own film.”


James Mangold has spoken in the past about his interest to make an X-23 movie, and Fox seems to be opening up about the prospects of such a solo movie. If the writer/director or the studio makes the decision to have Laura in any team, she will no doubt have the pick of the litter. But a solo movie will also be great.

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