5 Things We Could See In The Future Fantastic Beasts Movies

In November 2016 we were introduced to a whole new franchise set in the wizarding world of Harry Potter. The first movie in the Fantastic Beasts franchise gave us Newt Scamander and his interesting beasts with a lot of other important characters and of course the villain of the series.

As this series is set seventy years before the time of Harry Potter, we can expect certain things and plots in the coming movies.

Newt’s relationship with Leta Lestrange

A scene in the first movie gave us a glimpse at a new character called Leta Lestrange (she was shown in a photo in Newt’s suitcase). The last name reminds us of the death eater Bellatrix Lestrange but doesn’t  forget that Lestrange was Bella’s married name. So this character may not be directly related to her. Also, Newt’s inclination towards Porpentina Goldstein might continue in the next film and we expect to see some drama!

Some more Fantastic Beasts

The first film, Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, introduced us to many new and interesting creatures like the Niffler, Thunderbird, Occamy, Erumpent etc. We can expect some more creatures in the next installments as the title of the series is ‘Fantastic Beasts’ (the names of the future installments have not been revealed yet). Also, we might see Newt’s book getting published.

A glimpse at the Old Hogwarts

The timeline of the movie is set in the past which makes it a prequel to Harry Potter. This raises the question whether we will get a glimpse of the old Hogwarts or not. As the movies might give us a lot of young Dumbledore, we can certainly expect to see our beloved school again. It would be amazing to see Dumbledore before he was Headmaster of Hogwarts.

Ariana Dumbledore

fantastic beasts

This one is a bit difficult but we can all dream, right? As soon as the first film came out there were theories that Ariana Dumbledore might have been an Obscurus. This theory has made her character even more interesting and intriguing. The fact that Grindelwald has been shown at least 50 years of age makes it difficult for Ariana to appear in the story because she died very young and probably when Dumbledore was in his 20s. Still, we hope to see some flashbacks which might establish Grindelwald’s and Dumbledore’s relationship in the films. Fingers crossed!

Grindelwald vs Dumbledore!

fantastic beast

This is probably the point we are most certain of seeing in the future installments. As Grindelwald has been established as the villain of the series, we are surely going to see a lot more of him in the next film and also a younger version of Dumbledore (we are excited about the casting of Jude Law!). Firstly it would be great to see their tensed relationship after Ariana’s death and also we hope we get to see some flashbacks of them being great friends and more. Those who have read the books would know about the duel between Grindelwald and Dumbledore which made Dumbledore the master of the Elder wand. The biggest thing we are expecting from this franchise is that duel and ultimately the power struggle between the two legendary wizards!

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