4 Bad-Ass DEADPOOL Suits That Must Be Considered For The Future Deadpool Movies

The world of Deadpool is opening up in the movie world. And like every superhero before him, Wade Wilson has a couple of really awesome suits hanging in his closet that deserve to be showcased and documented on film. Here are 4 awesome Deadpool suits that need to be featured in the Sequel movies.

The X-Force Suit:

When Wolverine assembled the new X-force, Deadpool was high on the list for an in demand member. But his red and black costume were standing out too much to the costumes that were donned by his fellow members like Psylocke and even Wolverine. So he changed the color of his costume to the primary color gray. There are no extra new abilities in the suit except looking cool with his X-Force team. Deadpool needs to wear it for the X-Force movie.

The X-Men Deadpool Suit:

Wade Wilson has always wanted to be an X-Men, ammo-holder declaring himself to be one even when he wasn’t one!So when he finally did become an X-men member for a short time, wade went all out with his suit. The Merc put on a suit that had the traditional navy with gold lining. He basically copied Cyclops’uniform but had an extra decorative memo holder on his shoulders.

Ultimate Deadpool:

In the Ultimate universe, Deadpool’s uniform of red and black is altered. Black is the primary color of the suit, with red used more sparingly as a highlight (in comparison to his normal suit). His mask takes on overtly ninja-like elements- the black fold that takes up the entire mouth, nose, and eye area of his mask, and the red sash tied around his waist as if it’s the belt of a gi. The Ultimate Deadpool also has his head covered in a glass cylinder, with his brain being in full view.

Lady Deadpool:


This one is a far fetched one, since this is more about the character, rather than the suit itself. Lady Deadpool deserves to be featured in the movie world of Deadpool as she has a very kick-ass personality that even Wade doesn’t compare to. Wanda is the Earth 3010 counterpart to Wade, with a long blonde ponytail.

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