7 Best Movie Character Introductions of All Time

The first impression is the last impression. That goes extra move, how we need to define a character in the entire movie. Here are 7 best opening shots to introduce a character.

1) Indiana Jones from “Raiders of the Lost Ark”

This sequence is pure genius . One of the most classic examples is what we like to call the introduction by parts, we see their hands, their feet, their clothes, their morning routine, everything other than their face. It builds out a small suspense for our mystery hero before he is introduced.

2) John Doe from “Seven”

Seven is 95 minutes into 120 minutes. In 95 minutes you haven’t seen Kevin Spacey, he basically gave the studio ultimatum that he’d only do it if they didn’t give him top billing and then when completely Ninja on the press.

3) Tucco “The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly”


Tucco is a drunk man, armed creative any massive balloon combined and almost too hilarious.

4) Kamebei from “Seven Samurai”


Kamebei humbly cutting off his top, not in order to pose as a peasant to rescue a young boy from Seven Samurai. This movie is the original example of the now pervasive tradition of the action hero.

5) James Bond from “Dr. No”

This a classic instance where spectatorship theory comes in handy to see the gender difference. How Bond does the looking while we look Lisa in the James Bond. James Bond is shown effortlessly cool while Lisa has to fall in Love.

6) Fritz Lang from “The Murderer M”

He shows up as a shadow over a wanted poster for himself. We don’t see him but he’s introduced in the vilest, simplest, serious way possible. A bouncing all, the dialogue between the cut to her mother.

7) Sharif Ali from “Lawrence of Arabia”

Rendering the wide expanse of the desert as claustrophobic as a coffin. Iconic cinematography has him emerging as if from a mirage, shimmering in the heat of the distance and creeping closer.

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