4 Most Brutal Instances Where Superheroes Killed Each Other

Superhero squabble is what keeps the whole comic book stories going. Just imagine the comic book world without superhero fights. Nightmare, right? We have seen some interesting superhero confrontations like Captain America and Iron Man; Batman and Superman, and Daredevil and The Punisher. So without further ado, we bring you four instances when superheroes killed each other.

 1) Wolverine – Jean Grey

If you have not watched Brett Ratner’s X-Men: The Last Stand, then let me tell you, Jean Grey was killed by Wolverine. In X-Men: Phoenix — Endsong, Phoenix Force manages to escape from the hands of Shi’ar and later fleeing to earth and then bonding with the Jean Grey. In between, Grey asks Wolverine to assist her from preventing her to transform into Dark Phoenix Force, but Wolverine continuously hit Grey and kill her.

2) Namor – Marrina Smallwood

Coming out of the Atlantic Ocean after thousands of year, Marrina Smallwood developed strong aquatic skills after which she joined Beta Flight, a superhero program by the Canadian government. She met a submariner, Namor. when she was moved to the program of Alpha Flight. She then joined Avengers and let the Alpha Flight marry Namor. She becomes a Leviathan after she gets pregnant and then her Plodex DNA turn nasty. As she gets out of control, Namor uses Ebony Blade of Black Knight and kill her.

3) Hawkeye – Hulk

If you have not read Mark Miller’s Civil War then you are missing a really important and exciting comic book event, only if you are a comic book bee. The massive opposition by superheroes on the Superhero Registration Act. And it was great to see the cinematic appearance of the concept in Captain America: Civil War. Anthony and Joe Russo had already decided not kill any Avengers. In the first issue of the series, War-Machine and She-Hulk were killed by Thanos. In the third issue, Hulk was killed by Hawkeye.

4) Batman – Superman


In 1991’s Superman Annual series, Waverider tells a future story where Superman turns into a ruler after the death of her wife Lois Lane. He then rode the world defenseless from the nuclear weapons. Later, in a clash between Batman and Superman, Batman wears the Kryptonite ring of Lex Luthor and eventually kills Superman.

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