7 Mind-Boggling Superpowers That You May Not Know FLASH Has

The Flash TV series is one of the most exciting shows in the superhero genre, the show has explored multi-verse, alternative timelines, parallel universes etc. The best part is the host of speedsters that has been an integral part of the show. Barry Allen is the protagonist, he is a son of Henry and Nora Allen who became a superhero “The Flash”. He was struck by lightning at the time of particle accelerator explosion and gained super-speed powers. But there are so many superpowers possessed by Flash that you may not know:

Infinite Mass-punch:

As Flash has the ability to tap speed-force that allows him to run super fast, it grants him the ability to create a powerful punch which is like hitting something with more force than a meteor. He can throw one billion punches per second. It basically makes him the most dangerous Justice League member.

Quantum Tunneling:

With high speed comes the ability to cross through solid objects such as walls. We have seen this in the Flash TV show as well. Not only can he personally pass through, he can transfer his ability to objects as well.

Fuck the Timeline:

As cliché, it may sound, but Flash is quite adept at breaking time-space continuum, he can cross multiple dimensions and universes. Only a few speedsters have the power to turn speed into vibrations that allow you to shift through time.

Speed Speak:

Being a speedster in DC universe gives you access to a special skill which allows you to speak at such a rapid rate that it sounds gibberish but the message has been communicated to a fellow speedster/meta-human.

Speed Transfer:

The Flash has the ability to draw speed power, borrow it or lend it to someone else. It’s a pretty cool trick while dealing with other dangerous speedsters.

Rapid Healing:

It’s not just Wolverine who is famous for his healing powers, the metabolism and immune system of Flash allow him to heal rapidly from the most grievous wounds. He can also transfer this power to others to help them heal quickly.

Telepathy can’t work on him:

flashHis thought patterns and movements are so fast that he can’t be sensed through mind-reading or mind-control. It is pretty handy when you are up against a telepathic gorilla

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