10 Sexy Adult Stars Who Named Themselves After Famous Celebrities

Being a part of the entertainment industry and maintaining a position among prodigies is not a cake walk, especially when you want to become a household name. Following someone’s footsteps and trying to be trendy won’t help though if you have set your own journey. But some adult stars have named themselves after other real celebrities and it is fine for them. Alright. Here we bring you ten adult stars who changed their names after famous celebs.

Nikki Sexx and Nikki Sixx

It is just one letter that separates American rock star Nikki Sixx with this porn star who is pretty much into her profession, as the name suggests. But why would a rock star name himself Nikki? It does not sound badass.

Monica Beluchi and Monica Bellucci

The Italian bombshell Monica Bellucci is a famous actress of the Hollywood and is known for her seductive appearance. But Monica Beluchi was pretty much confident about her name which could have been a major problem in her career.

Dru Berrymore and Drew Barrymore

Dru Barrymore is a German porn star who named herself after one of the famous faces of Hollywood industry, Drew Barrymore. Dru appeared in  David Lynch’s 1997 film Lost Highway and was also a part of Die Hard 2. Well, people in this world can actually be same just like this.

Britney Rears and Britney Spears

Well, Britney Rears is actually a US-based porn movie series where the lead character is now known as Jessica Sweet and is currently not in trend these days. But maybe because of her name.

Diana Prince and Wonder Woman

Diana Prince is a comic book character who appears in DC comics and is often known as Wonder Woman, but there is another Diana Prince of real life, but she is a porn star. Well, Wonder Woman would be a stupid name for an adult star.

Olivia Wilder and Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde is an American actress and model. She is famous for her role of Dr. Remy on the award-winning TV series “House”. You can imagine why the porn star has Wilder… Some stars just right themselves!

Lizz Tayler and Liz Taylor

Liz Taylor was one of the most ravishing women of her times while this is not the case with the porn star.

Tyra Banxxx and Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks appeared on a daytime talk show while Banxxx appears whenever she desires or when the duty calls 😛

Mysti May and Misty May Treanor

Misty May sounds so porny (no offense). Maybe that’s why the porn star named herself after the volleyball legend.

Daisy Dukes and Daisy Duke

Actress Catherine Bach played the role of Daisy Duke in the movie Dukes of Hazard. The porn actress must have liked the name very much and maybe herself after the character.

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