When we think of The Amazing Spider-Man, then none other than Andrew Garfield looks totally fit for it. But now Tom Holland has been given the charge to carry forward this iconic Marvel character. Spider-Man series is arguably one of all time favorites. And imagining it without Garfield is like a body without a soul. Spiderman has been the much sought-after roles for years stretching right back to the eighties. There were several actors who almost got the role with some confirmed and some rumored. We are going to list down seven actors who were cast for the iconic role of Spider-Man. And condolences to those who missed out the big role.

1) Josh Hutcherson

The Hunger Games star, Josh Hutcherson, almost played the role of Peter Parker. The actor was rejected for the role. Moreover, his audition tape also made it to the internet. In the video, he appears to to be fighting with a gang.

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