5 Most Fucked-Up Things Wolverine Has Ever Done

Marvel has given Wolverine numerous chances to sparkle as a legend, however, there are a lot of snapshots of Wolverine being a jerk. He might be the best of the best at what he does, however once in a while what he excels at is act like a yank. He’s sold out companions, killed a family, and has conferred outrages. In his residency as a mutant superhero, he’s additionally done some really abnormal stuff, regardless of the possibility that it isn’t precisely d*ckish. So here we bring you five fucked up things Wolverine has ever done.

1. Sleeps with Mary Jane in Peter Parker’s Body


In Ultimate Spider-Man #66 and 67, Wolverine and Spider-Man have their psyches exchanged into every others’ bodies (since funnies). Logan acts like the 15-year-old Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson gives “Diminish” a little friendship. At the point when the two saints recover their psyches into their own bodies, Peter discovers that Wolvie had intercourse with his sweetheart while cruising in Peter’s body.

2. Drowns His Own Son


One of Wolverine’s most noteworthy advanced enemies is his child, Daken, a mutant with hooks and a recuperating capacity, much the same as his father. The two run into each other and fight in the various arrangement, yet Wolverine, in the long run, slaughters his own fragile living creature and blood in the Uncanny X-Force – Final Execution story in 2012.

3. Regularly Uses “Kill the Kid” as a Go-To Solution


Wolverine resorts to slaughtering or attempting to murder a tyke preemptively shockingly regularly, regardless of the possibility that there are different choices accessible and the child hasn’t conferred a barbarity yet:

In Uncanny X-Force #5, he contends for the murder of the youngster clone of Apocalypse. In Avengers versus X-Men #2, he tries to murder the high schooler Hope Summers out of dread of her Phoenix powers. In Ultimate X-Men #41, he slaughters a young person who has recently shown mutant powers that inadvertently murdered a gathering of individuals.

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