4 Mysterious Things Happened After Wolverine Joined X-Men

First appeared in Incredible Hulk #180 in 1974, Wolverine is one of the most recognizable characters in the Marvel Universe. Charles Xavier was fascinated by the way Wolverine fought Hulk when he was under the leadership of Alpha Flight. He was approached by Xavier who was looking forward to forming a super strong clan of mutants in order to save his students trapped in the island Krakoa. Since there is much to dig about, let’s check out four major instances happened when Wolverine joined X-Men.

Wolverine accompanies Professor Xavier

4 Things Happened After Wolverine Joined X-Men

Professor Xavier has always been concerned about his students and this time Wolverine steps up and leaves the Department H to assist Xavier in this mission to get back his students. And finally, he rescues all. After the defeat of Krakow, Wolverine decided to stay in the group.

Wolverine’s rivalry with Cyclops

Everything was resolved and things have been sailing quite well until Wolverine becomes a rival of Cyclops, also dubbed as Scott Summers. Well, one of the prime reason for the rivalry was Wolverine’s inclination towards Scott’s girlfriend, Jean Grey, who later joins the group. But later changed himself and became a more trusted member of the group.

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