8 Marvel Superheroes Who Can Give Hard Time To Superman

Superman is one of the strongest cards of DC Universe. Regarded as the symbol of justice and power, Superman rose to prominence after his first appearance in Action Comics #1 in 1938. He is immune to everything except Kryptonite. In the whole comic book world including Marvel, demolishing the Man of Steel is just meaningless, but things don’t always work well. So today, we bring you eight Marvel superheroes who can give a hard time to Superman.

1) Doctor Strange

superman Marvel Superheroes Who Can Defeat Superman

Superman gets his energy from the Sun. His body absorbs it and converts it into super strength speed durability. Doctor Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme, capable of manipulating reality and teleportation. He can also play mind games with the Man of Steel and can defeat him just like he defeated Dormammu in the movie.

2) Iron Man


Iron Man is the Marvel’s version of the Batman. Iron Man’s vast intelligence would let him synthesize Kryptonite or a viable alternative. And even if he fails, he has the Hulkbuster Suit, Thor Suit, Galactus Suit and much more which he can use alternatives to kicking Superman’s ass.

3) The Hulk


The Hulk is insanely strong and thrashes the shit out of anybody. He has the ability to split realities with a punch and os ridiculously powerful. Superman’s eye lasers have nothing on that. Even without Kryptonite, the Hulk could likely beat him right off his existence. 

4)  Thor


The Asgardian God and the God of Thunder, Thor possesses super-strength on a level all his own. Thor could knock him down to the ground and put Mjolnir on his chest. Only few can hold his hammer and Superman is not one of them. Thor can even yank him off the Earth via the Rainbow Bridge to somewhere he has no power and can end the fight quickly

5) Vision


Vision derives his power from the Sun through the mind stone on his forehead. This power lets him turn himself into a stone, sending him totally invulnerable. He has a body made of nanobots that make him capable of instantaneous repair. Superman could beat on Vision all day long without making a dent, but his physical disruption ability could knock down Superman unconscious, and then he could seal Supes away somewhere.

6) Silver Surfer

silbe superman

The indestructible and energy absorber character Silver Surfer is unimaginably fast, not only with his surfer board but they way he reacts, thinks and moves. Surfer has a potential of transmutation, through which can attack Superman’s vulnerability of kryptonite by recreating the radiation of Kryptonite.

7) Sentry

Marvel Superheroes Who Can Defeat Superman

Sentry is the Superman of Marvel Universe. The minor difference between both is that Sentry wears ’S’ on his belt, while Superman wears on the chest. Sentry has incredible powers. He destroyed planets, ripped the gods like Loki and Ares in half and lifted the Celestial who has the power of the 1 million exploding suns. He can smash Superman easily.

8) Jean Grey

Jean Grey first appeared in comic books in X-Men #1 1963. Also known by various names like Phoneix Force, Dark Forc, and Marvel Girl, Jean Grey possesses telepathy telekinesis, immense cosmic fire generation, reality warping and other cosmic abilities. She can reduce Superman to atoms easily. 

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