Did Logan Add A SECRET Post-Credit Scene For Fans?

When Marvel Cinematic Universe first made its debut with Iron Man, they popularized a trend that all superhero films have followed. This trend became so popular that even rival studios Fox and DCEU have adapted it, much to the surprise of fans. What is this trend we keep talking about you may ask? The answer is the post-credit scene. Iron Man’s first post-credit scene informed the existence of the Marvel Cinematic World and in Fox’s world, it looks like Logan may have secretly added an extra for fans.

logan Collider reported that Logan will include a post-credit scene but it won’t be seen until the film’s worldwide release. The site reported that the scene in question could be added in the middle of the credits or even in the end. This speculation stems from the report that Logan had an extra extended time. Unfortunately for fans, the speculation turned out to be untrue, with the director of Logan, James Mangold shooting down the site’s claims by simply saying,  “There is not a post credits scene.”

Collider later updated its claims, still sticking to their word that their information was not entirely false but that the film still “something cool for fans” could be shown just before Logan actually begins. We had previously reported that the film will definitely offer X-Men fans a little easter egg in the beginning of the film that is connected to their next upcoming X-Men film.


There could be a chance that a secret post-credit does exist and Mangold is just not indulging fans with a teaser for the upcoming film. Many had speculated that the new scene could have every fan’s favorite Deadpool in it. But there is nothing official till now and it seems like fans have to wait till the release of Wolverine 3.

Logan will hit the theaters on 3 March 2017. Stay tuned for more updates!

Amy Fanai

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