10 Reasons Ronin Is Actually Way Better Than Hawkeye!

Hawkeye had left his superhero life behind. His Shield years were behind him now. Hawkeye had a family to take care of. After so many years of deep infiltration and espionage, Hawkeye aka Clint Barton had made a lot of enemies that wanted him dead. So it was wise for him to quit the game while he was still ahead.

Solo Hawkeye Movie

After Age of Ultron showed just how much he loved his family, we were all moved by the way he took pains to keep his family a secret from everyone. But in the end, it was not a vengeful gangster or a War lord looking for a payback that got to him. It was a guy who Clint Barton had never even met! Thanos, the Mad Titan, got to the Avengers.

He snapped his fingers and half of all life in the universe became dust. That was the day Ronin was born. A vengeful vigilante ghost that is after only one thing – blood! And he will stop at nothing until he has his fill. 

A wider array of weaponry at his disposal

Many would think that all Hawkeye knows is how to operate the bow and Arrow. But the actual arsenal of weaponry at his disposal is way more than you could imagine. Hawkeye is an agent of Shield, the world’s foremost spy organization in the Marvel Universe. And he is also one of their top agents. If you think that Shield would send one of their agents into enemy territory after only archery training, then you are dead wrong. Hawkeye is one of Marvel Universe’s greatest close combat fighters. We saw only a few glimpses of his close combat skills in The Avengers of 2012. Expect Clint Barton to pick up Nunchucks, katanas, staffs, shuriken and a lot more in Avengers: Endgame.

Connection to Blade

Ronin, as a character, has a major connection to Marvel’s greatest vampire hunter. While the connection is not as evident now, it does open up a slew of opportunities for Marvel Cinematic Universe to introduce the day walker into the MCU.  In one issue, the Ronin-Blade connection is brought to light. Many do not know but the fact is that Blade once took up the Ronin alias as a member of Luke Cage’s Mighty Avengers.

Until some time, he was seen wearing a Halloween Spiderman costume but Hawkeye, who was also a member of the team, would later give Blade his old Ronin Costume that with him then. Eric Brooks is not only an Avenger but also Ronin. Take that!!

Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion is one of Marvel’s greatest storylines that defined the entire Marvel Continuity after it was released. It has been such a milestone that it’s after effects are still felt as of now. In Secret Invasion, a group of shape-shifting aliens called the Skrulls to infiltrate the highest positions of authority within Earth and mount a planetary level invasion. The cool thing about Ronin is that, when Clint adapted the Ronin persona, is when the Secret Invasion arc took place in the comic books.

Hawkeye Jeremy Renner Avengers

This would mean that the Secret Invasion story arc could soon be a reality. The Skrulls are about to have their first debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the Captain Marvel movie. Depending on how well they are received as villains, they could reprise their roles again as primary antagonists. Marvel has already set up the board. All it needs now is for the pieces to the movie the way it wants.

Possible connection to Echo

Echo is a deaf woman that has developed such a photographic memory and sharpened her other senses that she is known as one of the world’s greatest assassins and fighters. Echo has a major connection to Hawkeye. In fact, many do not know this but Ronin is not an original Hawkeye innovation. Ronin had already existed even before Hawkeye took over that mantle.

Echo was the one who was operating under that name. She was also out looking for blood just like Clint Barton and she has up that mantle to him when she saw that Clint’s sense of vengeance was greater than hers. When Clint was done looking for revenge, he even offered the Ronin mantle back to Echo but she refused, saying that her quest for redemption is finally over and she is no longer looking for revenge.

Signifies a change in personality

Ronin literally means a master-less warrior in Japanese. Hawkeye has always respected the chain of command. He has been trained to follow orders. And look where it got him. His family ended up turning to dust and Hawkeye realized that his whole life had been a lie from the very beginning. He may even be blaming the Avengers for his current predicament. As Ronin, he no longer believes he is a team player. As Ronin, he would employ lone wolf tactics and not give a damn about collateral damage. No more Mr. Nice Guy. Ronin will strip you naked and make you run a hundred miles in the snow before gutting you down and hear you speak the answers he wants.

Possible link to the Red Guardian

Natasha Romanoff aka the Black Widow has had a mysterious and rich history. First starting out as a lab experiment for the Soviet Red Room program, Natasha would later defect to Shield and become one of their top agents. Many do not know but during her years as a Russian spy, Natasha was actually married! Her husband’s name was Alexei Shostakov aka the Red Guardian, the leader of the Winter Guard, Soviet Counterpart to the Avengers. Alexei was also one of the few who once took up the mantle of the Ronin. Maybe in the MCU, Natasha would come to know that Clint’s new Ronin costume is actually her ex-husband’s old one.

More acrobatic skills

Clint started out in the circus. Before he became a master archer, he was already an expert in acrobatics. The guy can jump and dance around you like it was a piece of cake for him. It is a pity that the MCU had not explored that aspect of his abilities. With Ronin coming into the picture, things are bound to change. This time, expect a lot of Clint Barton’s athletic and acrobatic skills to be shown in the movie. He is about to kickass and this time, he will be doing it up close and personal.

Moon Knight

In the Ultimates Marvel Universe, it is not Clint Barton who is Ronin. It is a guy called Marc Spector aka the Moon Knight. Basically, this guy is Batman with extreme insanity. He is one of the craziest superheroes to ever exist. In the Ultimates Universe, Marc works as Ronin under the Kingpin but later grows up conscience and sets the Kingpin up, which leads to the Crime Boss’ arrest. Maybe, since the Ultimates Universe is the base template for the MCU and Kevin Feige himself telling that Moon Knight is one of MCU’s planned future projects, we could have Marc Spector dancing around as Moon Knight in the MCU pretty soon.

Synchronizes the comic book timeline with the movie timeline

The comic book timelines show Hawkeye taking up the Ronin alias after the Civil War. After he becomes the blood spatter loving vigilante, Secret Invasion took place. The comic book timeline and the movie timeline are finally in order. The movie timeline is also going to have Secret Invasion in the coming years. The fans finally can predict the structure of the future Marvel timeline. There are a lot more amazing arcs after Secret Invasion. Better not screw it up, Marvel!

Better Looks

The classic MCU Hawkeye costume is bland and boring to look at. To be honest, the Hawkeye costume from the comic books is also very uninteresting. But the Ronin costume, with the black undertones and golden trims along with sleek armor plates and that amazingly well-crafted mask, is fit for someone who is a member of the Avengers. The MCU has not even featured a mask for Clint Barton up until now. The Ronin costume even comes with a mask. Do we even need to justify this anymore?

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