10 Best Parental Figures to Harry Ranked

Best Parental Figures to Harry:

Harry Potter may have been an orphan but author JK Rowling provided him with many parental figures that supported him throughout his journey of defeating Lord Voldemort. Since he was a child, Harry lived with his aunt and uncle who treated him like an unwanted member and never got the love that he deserved. As soon as Harry came to Hogwarts, he met many people who loved and respected him and he also met many who did not make him feel like an orphan anymore.

 10. The Dursleys

Yes, they were the worst family Harry had but seeing how much the Dursleys hated magic, it is possible to appreciate the fact that they did at least provide Harry with the basic necessities and shelter for 10 years. Aunt Petunia disliked her sister with a lot of passion but no one knew that she also grieved her and this is why she took care of Harry and convinced her husband as well.

 9. Horace Slughorn

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Even if Slughorn only respected Harry because of his name and popularity but Slughorn did have a soft corner for him. The fact that he also liked Tom Riddle shows that Slughorn was capable of caring for children even though he could be easily manipulated. He treated Harry with a lot of respect and was a loving person in general.

 8. Arthur Weasley

There is no doubt that the Weasleys provided the best home and proved to be the best family for Harry. The whole family admired him from the very first moment they met him.  Arthur Weasley was always gentle and loving towards Harry and also was a great advisor to him. He helped Harry with his knowledge of the ministry and was always a good parental figure.

 7. Severus Snape

Harry Potter Characters with Their Own Movie

This one is definitely controversial but we have our reasons for counting Snape as a parental figure knowing what he did throughout the series for him. Snape hated James but he still protected his son from multiple dangers and never sought any appreciation. He may have only protected Harry in the beginning because he was Lily’s son but he eventually did start caring for him.

 6. Albus Dumbledore

Harry Potter Characters with Their Own Movie

He may have put Harry in multiple dangers but that is because Dumbledore always had faith in Harry and knew that he was the only hope for the wizarding world. Dumbledore was both a friend and father figure to Harry and had been with him since the very beginning. His trust in Harry was very important for his growth and he protected him with his life. Dumbledore’s death was a huge loss and Harry lost his biggest mentor by losing him.

 5. Minerva McGonagall

Harry Potter Characters with Their Own Movie

Minerva McGonagall was always the strict yet caring figure in Harry’s life who may not have pampered him but always looked out for him. McGonagall was supportive and also made sure that Harry learned discipline and worked hard for things. She was also the one who recognized his talent in the Quiditch feild and gave him the Nimbus 2000.

 4. Remus Lupin

Best Parental Figures to Harry

From his quirky teaching methods to his lending a sympathetic ear, Remus Lupin was a great father figure and even though he did not always agree with Harry, he always cared for him. Lupin was also the first teacher Harry came to trust so much and expressed his fears to. This is the reason Lupin made Harry the Godfather of his child that he didn’t get to raise himself. He was a voice of reason and not as impulsive as Sirius and this made Lupin a great parental figure.

 3. Molly Weasley


Best Parental Figures to Harry

From the moment Harry first entered the Burrow, he felt the warmth and love that he had never received and wished that he could stay there forever. Molly Weasley was the best mother figure Harry had and her way of treating her as her own son from the moment he met her on the platform continued till the end. She always welcomed him in her home and pampered him with her cooking and handmade sweaters.

 2. Sirius Black

Best Parental Figures to Harry

The list would be incomplete without Harry’s handsome Godfather Sirius Black who did not get to spend enough time with Harry but was an amazing support to him. Sirius saw his best friend James in Harry and that made him protective of him. He also was the closest family Harry had and he made Harry feel like he was not alone and had a home that was his own. Padfoot was the cool uncle and also a father figure that Harry needed. We only wish we could have seen more of him and his relationship with Harry.

 1. Rubeus Hagrid

Harry Potter Characters with Their Own Movie

Hagrid’s love for Harry was evident from the moment he handed him over to Dumbledore to leave at the doorstep of the Dursleys. Hagrid was always there for him and even JK Rowling admitted that she knew it had to be Hagrid who would carry Harry’s body back to Hogwarts after the episode in the forbidden forest. Hagrid was a gentle giant who wasn’t afraid of expressing his emotions and he loved Harry dearly.

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