Logan: 5 Mind Blowing Easter Eggs From The Movie [Spoilers Ahead]

Since Logan is the final film of Wolverine, it’s not too surprising that the filmmakers have included a huge amount of easter eggs for fans. Here are five among a thousand that you should check out:

The Presence Of Dark Phoenix:

Fox gives a not so subtle hint to the next X-Men film, as comic book images of Dark Phoenix are being flipped through.Since X-Men supernova is set to adapt the Dark Phoenix, this little easter egg was not hard to decipher.

Wolverine’s Memorabilia:

In the home shared by Logan and Caliban, a samurai sword is seen hanging on the wall.A reference to The Wolverine where Logan had travelled to in The Wolverine and his general ties to the samurai culture.In another scene, Logan holds his dogtags, the ones he acquired from X-Men Origins:Wolverine before his bones were bonded with adamantium.

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