Here’s An Explosive Revelation About Justice League Plot

In Batman V Superman, DCEU laid down the foundations for what was to come in the upcoming Justice League movie. These elements were overshadowed, unfortunately by the many other things that were included in the film. The most important fact that came out of the film was the importance of the Motherboxes. These Motherboxes may also have a major link with one Justice League member.

According to the latest issue of Total Film magazine, three Motherboxes are hidden away on Earth. The first was hidden with the Atlanteans under the sea, the second with the Amazonians in Themyscira. The third is hidden in the character of Cyborg, the half-human/half-machine member of the Justice League. While Batman v Superman heavily hinted that this was the case, this is the first time that it is being officially confirmed on print.

In the comics, Cyborg’s mechanical parts were constructed from the Motherbox. His father Dr. Silas Stone used the Motherbox (of which he had no real knowledge of) to rescue his son after he was caught in a freak accident. The Motherbox was just marked “U.S. Gov Object 6-19-82.” BvS also showed the creation of the character in a scene where Bruce Wayne watches a video of the act.With the element of the Motherbox, Cyborg becomes a significant member of the newly formed Justice League team and if he is anything like his character in the comics, he will definitely grow into a pivotal part of the DC Extended Universe.

justice league plot

Why are the Motherboxes so important in DCEU? Think of them like how Marvel Cinematic Universe dragged on the power and importance of the Infinity Stones. In the comics, Darkseid uses the Motherboxes to cause chaos on the DC Universe. A storyline that was also heavily copied by Marvel. With the appearance of Darkseid’s uncle Steppenwolf in the Justice League films, it is only possible to believe that DC’s most dangerous villain is on his way into the DCEU.

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