5 Bizzare Demands That Famous Actors Made For Movies

It’s presumably out of line to state that all performing artists are self-fixated or are demolished by the Hollywood way of life. Actors have their own demands and they want it because they have traveled very far from their mediocre lives and they deserve it. Well, it wouldn’t be totally wrong to state that most Hollywood actors are spoiled. So let’s check out these five demands made by actors for movies.

 1. Tom Cruise Demands Custom-Made Thongs – Every Action Movie

The ‘Mission Impossible’ star Tom Cruise is the hot shot of the film industry around the world. Well, he got the chance to wear a thong. Why, precisely, this goody has turned out publicly? But is there anyone on Earth who appreciates the possibility of Tom Cruise wearing a thong. Anyone?

2. Jack Nicholson Demands Dildos & Cocaine – The Departed

In the making of Martin Scorsese’s Oscar-winning flick, The Departed, Nicholson chose that the film ought to incorporate a scene with a dildo, and his character grunting cocaine off of a performing artist’s butt. What’s more, Martin Scorsese, ever the down to business chap, yielded to Jack’s crazy solicitations – to the point that you can see both of these things happening inside The Departed.

3. Bruce Willis Demands $1 Million For Each Day Of Shooting – The Expendables 3

He approached the studio for an incredible $4 million dollars for 4 days of shooting – definitely, that is a rate of $1 million dollars a day. When they offered him $3 million, Bruce chose he could work elsewhere, and declined to take an interest in Sylvester Stallone’s third activity legend blend. The man has got the thunder!

4. Paris Hilton Demands Live Lobsters Are Put On Standby – The Other Guys

During the point when Hilton was offered a part in amigo cop satire, The Other Guys, Hilton requested that live lobsters to be put on standby with the goal that she could eat them amid taping. Yeah, that’s what she requested.

5. Will Smith Demands Double Decker Mobile Home (And Blocks Out The Sun With It) – Men In Black III

 5 Most Insane Demands That Famous Actors Made For Movies

During the making of ‘Men In Black III’, Will Smith asked for a double decker trailer while shooting in New York. Not an absolutely odd demand but rather a lavish one. And his flat was not exactly a mile far from where they were shooting. Additionally entertaining about this story, however, is the way that Smith’s twofold decker cushion was obviously so problematic that it figured out how to shut out the sun, which maddened nearby inhabitants.

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