5 Sexiest Swimmers Who Look Too Hot Outside Pool

Whether you are staying in a hotel or a resort, most of us want to have breakfast or lunch at the poolside table. One thing that fascinates more than the surroundings is the sudden spurt of a swimmer from the swimming pool. There is no doubt that swimmers look amazingly hot in bikinis. Not only they are good in different styles of swimming, they have another natural talent too. From becoming models for iconic brands to appearing on the front page of magazines, we bring you five hottest swimmers in the world who can boil the pool right away.

1. Keri-Anne Payne    

5 Hottest Swimmers Who Look Too Hot Outside Pool

Keri-Anne Payne is a South-Africa-born British swimmer who is an expert marathon open water swimmer and specialized in long-distance freestyle swimming. She is an Olympic silver medalist and two-time winner of open water championship.

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