Deadpool 2: A Huge Marvel Character Has Been Confirmed

Deadpool ruled 2016, being welcomed into popular culture for his zany sense of humor and satire view of superhero movies while being in a superhero movie. The surprise hit film continued to break boundaries long after its release, even influencing the release of Logan. The sequel, Deadpool 2 has become an anticipated film on every fan’s list. With rumors of the casting for new players Cable and Domino in the upcoming film, the Merc’s  sequel has caught the right attention.

The actor Pierce Brosnan made news after it was rumored that the actor would be taking on the role of Cable. Actor Ryan Reynold’s had posted a picture of himself having a laugh with fellow actors Hugh Jackman and Brosnan. The rumor got further speculation when Deadpool 2 director David Leitch stated that the Brosnan casting was not yet a done deal.

In an interview with Splash Report, the casting rumor for both Cable and Domino was a topic for Deadpool creator Robert Liefeld. Without spilling the names of the actors for the two characters, Leifield made one thing clear. The duo will not be disappointing fans expectations. The writer said:

“The fact that they’re putting Cable and Domino on the film is going to expand the Deadpool universe in a way that the fans absolutely expect. They want it to go. They want those characters interacting with Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool. The casting of Cable and Domino is going to blow people’s minds.”

Liefeld was more than enthusiastic to talk about his creations coming into the film. He also said that Cable and Domino are as popular as Deadpool himself, further stating that Deadpool and Cable remain the two best- selling comics of all time. Given the popularity of the Merc with a mouth, Liefeld may not be wrong in his statements about Cable and Domino.

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