5 Times Robin Proved That He Is More Than A Sidekick

3. Drug Dealers

Jason Todd chooses killing over detention and he has own way to fight off his rogues. Instead of helping in detaining them but he rather killed drug dealers. Well, that’s a permanent solution. He traced the high-profile drug dealers, made a list and started taking over their lives. It is more efficient.

4. Nightwing kills Joker

This time Joker was tricked into a lie that he was dying from a brain tumor in Joker’s Last Laugh. And his wickedness reaches a new level where he uses his poison and makes civilians and Batman villains look alike.

5. Jason Todd’s first ever kill


In The Dark Knight Returns, the Frank Miller brought the several stories of Batman and Robin. And during one of the instances, he tears up one hand of a criminal, killing him.

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