5 Sexiest Female Tennis Players You Can’t Take Your Eyes Off From

Tennis is one of the most trending and glamorous sports in the world. And undoubtedly they are one of the fittest sportspeople in the world, especially women. No matter if they are on the court or off the court paparazzi make sure they capture interesting moments of their lives. There are several things that fascinate everybody all like their unique clothing style, toned body, hairstyle, and others. So today we are going to bring you five hottest tennis players that leave you dazzled.

1. Klara Koukalova

5 Sexiest Female Tennis Players You Can't Take Your Eyes Off From

All the way from the Czech Republic, Klara Koukalova is a right-handed tennis player. The 34-year old tennis star generally participates in ITF and WTF tours. Since she turns profession in 1999, she has won near about 500 matches and has lost around 400. She announced her retirement in 2016. Last time she ranked at 20th position in world ranking list.

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