Thor Ragnarok: Here’s a STUNNING Connection Between Loki and Doctor Strange

In Thor: The Dark world, the devious brother of Thor, Loki, dethroned his father and became ruler of Asgard. Many believed that he had killed Odin, finally letting the dark side of his being overrule what had been a contemptuous facade that fooled all, especially Thor. But that’s not how the next phase of Thor’s canon will begin again, as Marvel has more tricks up its very colorful sleeve.

In Marvel Cinematic Universe’s 2016  release Doctor Strange, the Asgardian God of Thunder consults with the Sorcerer Supreme about the missing Odin. It was heavily implied that the good Doctor will definitely have a part in the third movie and was soon confirmed(sort of) when Disney studios sent out their media package that contained a small synopsis of Thor Ragnarok , with Doctor Strange being included. Although it was not an official announcement, it was more or less the only indication that it was indeed happening.

Doctor Strange’s appearance was a buzz enough for one major Thor actor to finally spill certain Ragnarok secrets concerning the superhero. Tom Hiddleston, who plays Loki in Marvel’s Thor movies recently talked with MTV right after his Golden Globe award win for The Night Manager. The actor was reluctant but confessed maybe due to his high spirits. Hiddleston said:

“Let’s put it this way: Doctor Strange has very intensely cerebral time-bending powers. … At the end of Thor: The Dark World, Loki is on the throne. What happened to Odin? … Maybe Doctor Strange has to help out with that particular conundrum.”

thor loki doctor strange

Loki is expected to play a major part in the third movie, bringing about Ragnarok which is like Armageddon for the Asgardian gods. He does this with the help of Hela, the goddess of Death who will be played by Cate Blanchett. But given that Loki tends to be quite inconsistent with which side he stays on, fans should expect the character to help his brother in some way in the movie. Because Thor and Loki’s relationship is indeed a messed up one where one cannot truly kill the other, but relinquish the thought of the act happening at all times.

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