13 Amazing Hidden Abilities of Black Lightning Even Diehards Fans Don’t Know

Black Lightning is finally getting his own TV Series under The CW’s Arrowverse. Jefferson Pierce aka Black Lightning was one of the first African American superheroes to grace the comic books in the 1970’s. While he isn’t as obscure as a superhero, his name doesn’t quite pop up when you hear DC Comics. As a metahuman superhero, his abilities are insane and amazing at the same time. The show has only shown us the tip of the iceberg.

13. Peak Physical Conditioning

Before Jefferson Pierce became the Black Lightning, he was already an Olympic level decathlete. He even won a Gold medal in the Olympics. His powers do make him faster and stronger than the average human but it his pre-existing peak physical conditioning that make him efficient and effective as a vigilante.

12. Superhuman Reflexes and Strength

This is the standard package of almost every superhero nowadays. Black Lightning was already an Olympic Gold Medalist so his muscles are tuned finer than the average human being. But when he is surrounded by electrical energy, his already superior strength and reflexes are amplified to superhuman levels.

11. Superhuman Speed


He may not be as fast as the Flash but he is still quick enough to pull down your pants without you noticing. Black Lightning can not only manipulate electricity but also uses it to travel at near light-speed. As long as he is paying attention, no bullet or energy attack can even touch the guy.

10. Transform his body into living electricity

Black Lightning can not only chuck lightning bolts at his opponents but also turn himself into one. In this form, he is almost invincible, can phase through solid objects and survive for a limited period of time without sustenance. The only drawback is that if he uses this form against an opponent, he risks using extremely lethal force in combat.

9. Teleportation

Black Lightning doesn’t exactly teleport but it’s literally the next best thing. Using power conduits, Jefferson Pierce can travel from one place to another in the blink of an eye. As long as there is a conducting medium, Black Lightning is only a nanosecond away.

8. Genius level Intelligence

It’s a common trope to give a superhero superhuman intelligence. Peter Parker, Tony Stark and Batman are prime examples. Jefferson Pierce is no exception. Pierce is a graduate from Kent State University with a degree in Physics. His knowledge of science has allowed him to observe, analyze and then expand his skill set in interesting fashions.

7. Control over Electromagnetism

The master of Magnetism is still Magneto. Pierce doesn’t even come close. But Black Lightning has used his scientific expertise to realize he can use the electricity his body generates to create really powerful magnetic fields that he has used to stop vehicles and even split them into two if he wants to.

6. Bio-Electrical Energy Manipulation

Every single living organism generates bio-electricity with each person having his/her own specific ‘signature’. Black Lightning can lock on to that signature for a variety of effects. He can make the enemy’s muscles contract or expand or restart a dead person’s heart – something he once used to revive Superman.

5. Sensing Electromagnetic energy

This one was fairly obvious to begin with. The guy can control electricity so it makes sense if he can detect it as well. Every living thing, as we said, has an electric ‘signature’. Black Lightning hones in on that signature and tracks his enemies. This ability is not limited to just living things. Black Lightning can also track machines via this ability.

4. Can literally shoot Black Lightning

He ain’t called the Black Lightning for the color of his skin. Black Lightning can generate a form of electricity that is Black in color. He uses it when the laws of physics become an impediment. Black Lightning’s black lightning bolts are magic based so they do not obey general laws of Physics like insulation or conduction.

3. Energy absorption

Pierce can not only fire energy bolts, but absorb it as well. This ability comes in handy when Black Lightning runs out of juice after a while. His energy absorption ability allows him absorb energy not only from power sources but also from lightning storms, living beings or the planet itself.

2. Superhuman Healing

He is not in the same League as Wolverine who can heal almost instantly. Nor does he heal as fast as Superman when the former takes a stroll close to the sun. Black Lightning is in the same league as Spiderman when it comes to healing. Give the guy some time and the electric energy flowing within him can heal him quicker than you think.

 1. His power level increases with his anger

Black Lightning

The only guy most fans know whose strength increases with his fury is the Incredible Hulk. But Bruce Banner is not the only guy with this fearsome ability. When Black Lightning gets angry, he becomes stronger. A calmer version of him will only use a small thunderbolt. But piss him off too much and your ass gets fried by a huge energy explosion.

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