Nick Carter- The Backstreet Boys Member Every 90’s Girl Crushed On

Every 90’s child started out their journey to life with a set number of songs which was played at every party, school dance and club. The list of singers who made it big in that era is long but the one band that will always be the love of every kid who grew up then is the Backstreet Boys.

Yes, Backstreet Boys is the one boy band who every guy and girl jammed to, their songs related to every aspect of our life and we still remember all the lyrics, be it ‘I want it that way’ or ‘Everybody’ or ‘Larger than Life’

The band was put together by 5 gorgeous men who made every girls heart swoon, Nick Cater, A.J. Mclean, Howie D., Kevin Richardson and Brian Littrell. Every one of us was in love with one particular Backstreet boy though, Nick Carter.

Nick Carter is the ultimate Backstreet Boy from a lot of us, he is hot, gorgeous and has the voice that melts your heart and honestly he has only gotten better with time like a bottle of wine.

Nick Carter- the Backstreet Boy every 90's girl crushed on

On his birthday, lets put our speakers to the loudest and jam to some of the most iconic songs of the 90’s and reminisce our teenage days and maybe teach the younger generation, a little something  about what actual boy bands sound like.

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