4 Reasons Why DC Cinematic Universe May Finally Shine in 2017

Producers And Officials Acknowledging The Problem

Recently DC’S previous producer Charles Roven and CEO of WB Kevin Tsujihara commented on the positive changes and highlighted the things they have done to make DCEU successful. After negative reception of BVS, they have removed creative control from the hands of Zack Snyder. They have appointed Geoff johns who is CCO of Dc comics and studios long term producer Jon berg co-run the DCEU. They also shift the tone of Dc movies to lighter tone. In past, the studio was saying that Dc movies or characters were dark and brutal but in reality, the whole Dc universe is based on optimism. When Geoff johns were appointed to take the control of DCEU, he accelerated the process reach to that optimistic part. In summer 2016, when justice league was in production, Officials at WB gave permission to media on the set of the movie, so that they can see how things are going after BVS. They have invited critics and media persons who hated and thrashed DCEU’S previous installation Batman v superman. After this set visit, every one of them left with the satisfaction that the studio is listening and acknowledging real problems behind failure and want to improve upcoming movies.

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