5 Actresses Who Look Drop Dead Gorgeous In Lingerie

The Hollywood industry is full of gorgeous actresses, all of them flaunt their outfits at award ceremonies and in movies, which become the top headlines on page three. And thus we get fascinated to try those outfits and picture ourselves in the same. Paparazzi is always looking to grab some “oops” moments. But actresses catch everybody’s attention when they appear in lingerie. Don’t they? Absolutely. Check out the five hottest actresses in lingerie.

1. Jennifer Aniston

jennifer anniston lingerie

The American hottie is also known as Rachel Greene from a popular sitcom, Friends. Her appearance in 2011 movie ‘Horrible Bosses’ is super sassy, especially she eats banana wearing a black bikini.

2. Angelina Jolie

angelina jolie lingerie

Angelina Jolie is having a bad time as she parted her ways with Brad Pitt. She is one of the most desirable women in the industry and popularly known as Jane Smith in 2005 movie ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’. Nothing could be so satisfying than seeing her dressed in lingerie. She gives you another strong reason to watch the movie.

3. Michelle Monaghan

Filled with fit and vigor, ‘Made of Honour’ is a romantic comedy film that follows three friends to plan the murder of their bosses. Michelle Monaghan is looking a bombshell in dark red-black lingeries giving a darker sexual impression. She is a killer man!

4. Julie Bowen

Julie Bowen has appeared in several big movies and is one of the hottest actresses in the Hollywood industry. She looks amazing in her white lingerie. What could be so hot than a girl holding two big jars of beer and lying on beach bed?

5. Heather Graham

The America hottie, Heather Graham entered the Hollywood industry through a teen comedy ‘ ‘License to Drive’. But her appearance in a romantic fantasy film, The Guru, is too hot to handle. Dressed in blood-red lingerie, she totally blows the minds of viewers.

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