5 Hollywood Actresses Who Were Cheerleaders Before They Hit It Big

Before our favorite actors got the tag of “the celebrity” they were as normal like us. They walked down the broken roads before they stepped on the red carpet in front of flashy lights and paparazzi. But most of them lived through a little fame in their high schools days, as cheerleaders. Starting under the flashy lights of football fields to becoming a great model and actress, we bring you five famous and hottest celebrities who were once cheerleaders before they became famous in the mainstream industry.

 1. Fergie

5 Famous Actresses Who Were Cheerleader In Real Life

On of the famous singers in the world, Fergie is known for her ridiculously different outfits on the stage. Between 1984 to 1989, she worked in a populate TV show ‘Kids Incorporated’. During that time she was a cheerleader and a spelling bee champion. And rest in the history that we see today.

2. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is one of the most famous actresses in the Hollywood industry. She started her career as a fashion model at an earlier age. Before she made it into the massive film industry she was a cute and hot cheerleader.

3. Jessica Simpson

It may sound like a rumor, but she actually worked as a cheerleader. Before she made headlines for dating Tony Romo, a Dallas Cowboys star, she was a cheerleader in football games and now the world is watching her rise.

4. Halle Berry

Halle Berry is famously known for her looks and once being a bond girl. Back in her high school Berry was a high-spirited cheerleader. And this was something she really enjoyed and known for. But now she is just way ahead than she was, something she never experienced before. And today she is one of the hottest actresses in the industry.

5. Cameron Diaz

Famously known for her movies like ‘There’s Something About Mary’ and ‘Charlie’s Angel’, Cameroon Diaz shined a Californian cheerleader before she made her appearance on the big screens. She is blue eyes, a great smile, she is blonde and has a killer body. Moreover, she went on tow rock in adult movies and went on to work in other small projects. And now she has worldwide fan-following.

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