5 Sexy Movie Huntresses That Are No Different In Real Life

Just like their looks are killer as their hunting skills in the movies, female slayers and hunters are far better than men in hunting. Though we generally symbolize male superheroes for this role, female huntresses look extremely sexy when they hold a gun, bows, and other weapons, beating the shit out of adversaries. What could be so sexy in a seriously dark action thriller film?  Huntresses and Slayers! So with any further ado, we bring you five hottest hunters in the movies who are too hot to handle.

 1. Natalie Portman

The multitalented American actress Natalie Portman played Isabel in the stoner comic fantasy film, Your Highness. Her bow-arrow wielding character looks extremely badass and sexy. Portman entered the film industry in1994’s thriller action thriller movie ‘Léon: The Professional’.

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