5 Hottest Actresses On Dates In Movies

If we sit down with our movie buddies with whom we have a good at weekends and talk about the best sexy moments from our favorite movies, it is a never ending discussion. Jumping from best to best you ain’t gonna land up anywhere. But once you have picked up an aspect it easy to segregate our choices. And today we have come up with another powerful 5-pack piece. So let’s get to the center of it. Check out the five hottest actresses on dates that are drop dead gorgeous and hot.

 1. Shannon Elizabeth

5 Most Hottest Actresses On Dates In Movies

The former model and an actress, Shannon Elizabeth is insanely popular for her role in one of the kinkiest and all-time favorite franchises ‘America Pie’. After her role, she became a sex symbol around the world. She has worked in other well-known films like Scary Movie and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. She has a killer personality and is extremely hot.

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