5 WTF Things Happened Between Batman And Robin

Batman and his sidekick Robin have a huge history together even before the silver age. There have been several stories in different timelines. So it all started when Boss Zucco, a Gotham gangster, killed the parents of Dick Grayson, leaving his all alone and afraid. And the dark knight veils the 8-year child and snatch him up in his cape from the scene. He then promises him to seek the vengeance and making him a vigilante. We bring you five WTF things Batman did to Robin.

 When Batman slaps Him

In World’s Finest #153, Batman does not care about the bro code with Dick. The time when he was fully sure that Superboy had killed his father Thomas Wayne, Robin calls out B-man over his obsession and the dark knight loses his cool. “Don’t tell me I’m wrong, you brat!” said B-man. And then there were five fingers imprinted on Robin’s face. Well, that was expected.

When Batman almost drowned Him in Gotham Bay

While taking on a group of smugglers, with the dark knight overhearing the plans to kill Boy Wonder. Then spend some time making a watertight plan. And then,He decides to fake the death of Dick drowning in Gotham Bay. He says, “Down you go, Robin! From now on…I work solo!”

He was fired by Batman

When Batman needs you at the work, he seriously means it. In The Nightwing: Year One, Batman’s sidekick was portrayed a bit overextended. Being a side to Bat, he was spending time more like Dick than him. And, do you B-man does not notice ? At one instance when Clayface was defeated by Both, He talks in a low guttural voice to Robin.

This is a war, Dick,” says Bruce Wayne. So in order to protect is job security, Dick says, “ I get it. You need me in Gotham more.” And with a clear voice Bruces says, “You’re fired, Dick. Get out of my cave.”

 When Batman takes Him for bird-watching

Being a sidekick, Robin has to follow the order  even if it is worthless. That’s what happens with them. In one of the rare moments, Batman and his partner is seen lying on a cloud bed. Both dressed in their superhero costumes are seen wearing a bird hat. Well, Robin speaks up about this nonsense of teaching him about the life. “Do you uh…feel like this is just a little bit weird?” says Robin. “Shut up and pay attention! Those birds look like they’re gonna take the bait!” says to him. Well, the boss is not always right.

 Batman’s leather thong

batman robin

Well, Robin is also known for his absurdity like he catches the dark knight’s attention from his thong. “Gosh, Batman – remember this leather thong? It still has your teeth marks in it!” And then we can wonder hoe Batman would see this with hands on cheeks. Anyway, He used the thong to get out of several situations. Calling Robin to retrieve the thong is quite problematic.

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