3 Avengers Who Will Never Ever Appear In MCU

Avengers have always given the comic book fans one hell of a crossover ride in the comic book world. Their heroism is always constant. Marvel Cinematic Universe have shown how capable it is by bringing a varied range of superheroes together on the big screen. It seems that MCU is not going to stop delivering different rosters of the Avengers, bringing new stories on big screens. Several characters have graced the big screens, but there are some who would never go to make it to the cinematic universe. So here we are counting down on three characters who will never be entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

1. Doctor Druid


Also known as Doctor Doom, Doctor Druid possess telepathic and other magical powers. With illusory capabilities and the ability to change his appearance, Druid entered became a part of  Avengers team after he assisted in saving the Avengers Mansion from turning it into Darkforce Dimension, by defeating Baron Zemo. But later he built a bad habit. He was easily utilized by the villains. Moreover, he was disloyal to his team members.

2. Triathlon


Also known was Delroy Garret, Triathlon was an  Olympic Athlete who could not be that longer as he used steroids to improve his performance. Working with the Triune Understanding, he possessed the powers of 3-D man and became three times stronger than he earlier was. He began to work for the well-being of people by fighting against the crime. He later joined Avengers. As went on to work with them he accused his teammates of not working well in the team. He left the team after a cosmic conflict.

3. U.S Agent


Also known as John Walker, U.S Agent, was U.S army soldier and that’s when one his friends suggest him to contact a person who gives superpowers to normal people. After visiting the Broker, he possesses super powers like Captain America and replaces Steve Rogers before he turned into U.S Agent. He then started working for West coast Avengers and U.S. Government. But later he could not able to manage and lost the Avenger title.

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