5 Major Struggles That Iron Man Went Through During His Alcoholism

Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man has a huge list of his archenemies, but his drinking habit and alcoholism are the biggest ones which personally caused turbulence in his superhero career. Since alcohol is one of the most prominent parts of his life, he had been through a personal struggle with his inner alcoholic demons. The first time he was abusing alcohol when Stark Industries was changed to Stark International and he was threatened by someone for the takeover. The Second time, he again picked up alcohol when he was cheated at Stark International. Life is like that for billionaires.

Alright peeps, we bring you five weird things happened during when Iron Man was dipped in alcoholism.

 1. Iron Man Suits Destroyed

During the time when Stark was abusing too much alcohol, after he was cheated out of Stark International, he could not able to stop the destruction of one of his greatest inventions, Iron Man suits. Luckily one was left. But his personal assets were frozen and he no longer had leases on his properties. Who did all this? Well, a strange entrepreneur, Obadiah Stane.

2. James Rhodes Dons The Iron Man Armour

James Rhodes, one of the close friends of Tony Stark left the military to assist him in his fight against criminality. After knowing about Stark’s nasty condition, Rhodes thought of having a full authority on his suit until Stark got well.

3. The Iron Man Armor Acted Opposite To Rhodes’ Brain

Putting on someone’s shoes with a different size would always itch one. Rhodes was happy about wearing the armor, but the suit was not set according to Rhodes’s brain. Due to different pattern system he suffered from serious headaches.

4. New Iron Man Suit

So Rhodes was fully enamored by wearing the armor, but his spitefulness against Tony Stark to not return it made Stark build another suit. The suit was simple as usual but he decided not to wear it until he got out his alcoholism habits.

5. Iron Man Battles With Obadiah Stane 

alcoholism iron man

As Stane got aware of Stark’s recovery, he decided to battle with him and finish him. So he appeared in another Iron Man-type armor and fought with Stark. But as he lost the battle, he committed suicide.

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